BeNeLux Catalyst Program - October 28 - November 22 2019 in New York

Join the BeNeLux Catalyst program in New York City!

An intense 4-week program to immerse your company in the New York market, strategize your expansion to the US, explore business opportunities and gain access to a network of successful entrepreneurs, investors and prospective clients.



The program is for startups from the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg that are seeking advice and guidance to kick start their international growth in the US. See selection criteria below.



The BeNeLux Catalyst startup accelerator program is a first-of-its-kind initiative between partners from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. This is a collaborative effort between BelCham, Halve Maen, Luxinnovation, imec.istart, the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The program is designed to bring high-growth companies to New York City for an intensive one-month program on market entry & internalization. The startups will receive benefits such as company-specific matchmaking and personal introductions, workshops by experts and service providers, knowledge sharing and peer mentoring by fellow entrepreneurs and receive access to the larger NYC entrepreneurial community through events.


Make sure to sign up for the informational webinar on August 27th at 15:00 (CET). For other questions on the program please e-mail Yeni Joseph:


Set-up 4-week program

Week 1: Mindset & Leadership

Participants will learn that Silicon Alley is not just a physical location, it exists as a mindset devoted to innovation, flexibility, nimbleness and the ability to think differently.

Week 2: Sales & Marketing

Participants will take a deep-dive into branding, PR, storytelling and product-market fit so that they can create the ultimate company narrative that will win over investors, partners and clients.

Week 3: Fundraising & Pitching

Participants will create a fundraising strategy, connect with investors and practice their pitch with a strongly articulated value proposition for an American audience.

Week 4:

Participants will be armed with the necessary knowledge and resources to prepare you for a potential move into the US market faster, easier and with the help of the right partners.


Program Details

Date: October 28 – November 22 2019 in New York City

Application Deadline: September 13 2019

Participants: Each startup can select a maximum of two founders or executives.

Costs: Please contact Julia Knoeff ( for more information on the costs and the subsidy from Halve Maen.

* Please note that the Program Fee does not include costs such as flight, lodging, general living expenses and local transportation.


The Program Includes

⦁ October 28 – November 22: The daily schedule will capitalize on the 6-hour time difference between the BeNeLux and NYC, making sure that the participants can use the different time zones to their advantage and continue managing business as usual.


Startup Selection Criteria

⦁ The startup must have a demonstrated, scalable model

⦁ The startup must be able to spend at least 80% of their time in NYC during the program

⦁ The startup must have achieved traction and revenues in their home market

⦁ The startup must have a devoted and talented team



Again, make sure to sign up for the informational webinar on August 27th at 15:00 (CET). For other questions on the program please e-mail Yeni Joseph:


You can fill out your application form here.

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